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Prof. Dr. Türkay DERELI
Group Chair

First of all, I would like to welcome all  visitors to our web pages. Technology Intelligence Research Group (TIRG) focus on the scientific and administrative oversight for technology management and studies on agent development for early detection of promising technologies. Research of TIRG includes theoretical model development; case based modeling, agent based modeling and empirical research.
Assists investigators and investors to bridge the gap between discovery of novel technologies and theoretical evaluation through environmental and cost/benefit assessment models. Collaborates with Gaziantep Industry for technology management practices and for new product development. Communicates with external and internal investors, industry and academicians to provide technical support and research resources required for technology management.

News from TIRG


Mr. Durmusoglu (PhD candidate) was  one of panelists in training session of PICMET’11: Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology which was held in Portland, Oregon, USA.

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Professor Dr. Türkay Dereli and Mr. Koray Altun were in the "31th National Congress on Operations Research and Industrial Engineering" which held in Sakarya University,Turkey.

Professor Dr. Türkay Dereli was in the "7th International Symposium on Intelligent and Manufacturing Systems" which held in Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina. He introduced the study entitled as: "Prediction the Future of Technology by using Data Fusion Methodologies: Techpredict V1.0"

New PhD and MSc opportunities on “technology management” are available at the Department of Industrial Engineering of University of Gaziantep. For more information visit or contact with the chair of the department.

Technology Intelligence Research Group members were in 30th National Conference on Operations Research and Industrial Engineering (YAEM 2010) to present their recent studies. http://www.yaem2010.org/

A recent paper of the group members entitled “Alerting Companies through On-Line Patent Trend Analysis” has appeared in Cybernetics and Systems.

TIRG’s publication entitled “Patenting Activities in Turkey: The case of textile industry” has been the third hottest article of “World Patent Information” in June 2009.

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University of Gaziantep, Engineering Faculty,
Department of Industrial Engineering, 27310, Gaziantep, TURKEY

+ 90 342 3172600
+ 90 342 3604383

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List of Some Prestigious Technology Management Journals


IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
Technology in Society
World Patent Information
International Journal of Technology Management
Journal of Engineering Technology Management
Journal of Product Innovation Management
R&D Management
Research Policy
Research Technology Management
Technological Forecasting and Social Change
Technology Analysis and Strategic Management

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Dr. Türkay DERELI,  Mr. Koray ALTUN and Mr. ALTUNTAS were in 2nd International Fuzzy Systems Symposium to present their new research findings. 

FATIH Project, which is the abbreviation of  Turkish words meaning - “Movement of Enhancing Opportunities and Improving Technology”- has been initialized. 
Project covers construction of "Smart Classes" which include the latest information technologies and computerized education technologies. FATIH project is estimated to be completed within three years.

TIRGS welcomes its new member MSc Candidate Miss Merve Aydan ALTIN.

Two members of TIRG, Mr. Koray ALTUN and Mr. Serkan ALTUNTAS have joined the summer school arranged by EIASM (European Institute of Advances Studies in Management).

A novel and innovative method for clustering technologies proposed by the TIRG members in the article entitled "Enhancing technology clustering through heuristics by using patent counts" has appeared in "Expert System with Applications" journal on the volume 38, issue 12.

Prof. Dr. Türkay DERELI has been appointed as the Vice Rector of the University of Gaziantep. Members of TIRG wish him success on his new duty.

Several news appeared about the research of TIRG on different Turkish newspapers (download).

A new project named "ARI CEKIRDEK" have been initialized by ITU and ARI Teknokent. With this project, "idea owners" will be trained by professional staff to turn their ideas into projects. At the final stage, a competition will determine the first runner to be financially supported.

Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTGV) has published a new report covering models to be employed to increase Turkish innovation and national technology capacities  (Download Report! Language: Turkish)

Prof. Dr. M. A. Yekta SARAÇ has appointed as the president of Council of Higher Education.

A project for "development of a consultancy system for SMEs" was initialized by KOSGEB with the corparation of JICA (Japon International Corparation Agengy). Mr. Alptekin DURMUSOGLU and Mr. Koray ALTUN managed a training session  on "Information Technology for SMEs" for this organization.

TIRG’s publication entitled “Industrial applications of type-2 fuzzy sets and systems: A concise review” has been one of the hottest articles of “Computers in Industry” among the articles of last seven year.



TIRG members congratulates Dr. Koray ALTUN for receiving his PhD degree.

TIRG members congratulates Dr. Serkan ALTUNTAS for receiving his PhD degree.

A new research article entitled "Patent analysis of wind energy technology using the patent alert system" has recently appeared in World Patent Information.

TIRG members congratulates Dr. Alptekin DURMUSOGLU for receiving his PhD degree.

23rd annual meeting of "Higher Council of Science and Technology" was arranged in Ankara with the commitment of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ERDOGAN (for details in Turkish)

The know-how of Universities will be transferred to indusrty via Technology Transfer Offices (TTOsc).  the A new support program has been initialized by Turkey Scientific and Technological Research Institute’s (TUBITAK) to support establishment of Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) by the universities. This program, 1513,  is expected to create powerfull bridges betwen universities and industry by the help of TTOs.  A meeting was held in TUBITAK for the introduction of this support program to the public and the university representatives . Professor Dr. Dereli,  joined this meeting as group chair of TIRG and vice president of the University of Gaziantep (for details in Turkish).
Science, Industry and Technology Minister of Turkey Mr. Fikri Işık has been declared that;  the Ministry has determined supporting and improving R&D and innovation activities as its duty and prime field of activity in order to develop the technological capacity of the country. These activities are being supported by the many programs we have implemented. In this context, our Ministry is actively carrying out support programs such as technology development zones (TGB), an industrial thesis program (SAN-TEZ), R&D centers, a techno-entrepreneurship capital support program, and other support programs aimed at increasing visibility and encouraging marketing. Our Ministry not only provides infrastructure support for TGBs, which are established within or nearby universities as a platform-hosting collaboration between the university and industry, but also provides support and exemptions for the companies, entrepreneurs, and academics operating within the TGBs.